Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Breakfast Eggs Or Works Of Art. What Do You Think?

Some like them boiled, some scrambled, but Michele Baldini likes them in the form of art. What is "them"? Eggs, of course. Let us know in the comments, what do you think about it.    

10 Small Animals and Insects That Can Kill You

In our day to day lives, most of us don't even notice the presence of little creatures around us. As we grow up, we become oblivious to some tiny insects but not all tiny...

Amazing and Crazy Things You’ll Only See In Dubai

If you want to live a luxury life, then Dubai could be the perfect place for you. It is the most expensive city in the Middle East. Back in 1992 most of the land...

Unusual Latte Art You Have Never Seen Before

Explore in this video with the most unusual latte art! And let me know what kind of coffee do you like, and why?:)

Incredible Weather Phenomena You Need To See To Believe

Severe weather can occur under a variety of situations, but three characteristics are generally needed: a temperature or moisture boundary, moisture, and (in the event of severe, precipitation-based events) instability in the atmosphere. In...

Dog Caught On Camera Shoplifting a Present for Himself on Christmas Day

In a bizarre bit of holiday bliss, a dog was caught on camera stealing a holiday present for himself. There’s nothing worse than failing to find the present you were hoping for under your Christmas...

Ink Mapping Brings Tattoos To Life Right On Human Skin

Oskar & Gaspar, a collective of visual artists from Portugal, can make your tattoos move quite literally. Using video mapping technique, they map a tattoo on a person and bring it to life with...

Awesome Makeup Illusion By Mirjana Kika Milosevic

Mirjana Kika Milosevic is an incredibly skilled Serbian makeup artist, and her ‘Wooden puppet doll’ project is probably her best so far. Not only it won her internet fame, but also the national NYX...

Egg inside an Egg

This gigantic egg had a yolk and another egg inside. They can't believe it. No one wanted to eat it, sothey made a hair conditioner with it.

People With The Most Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful eyes come in many different colors on many different skin tones. See the most gorgeous eyes that'll make your jaw drop here.

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