Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Funniest Dog Paw Tattoos Ever

Here is a list of people who have gotten tattoos that are exact replicas of their dog’s paw and they are just adorable. These tattoos will live on in loving memory of your best buddy,...

Ink Mapping Brings Tattoos To Life Right On Human Skin

Oskar & Gaspar, a collective of visual artists from Portugal, can make your tattoos move quite literally. Using video mapping technique, they map a tattoo on a person and bring it to life with...

Artist Uses Real Plants and Flowers to Create Nature-Inspired Tattoos

Botanical and floral tattoos have become rather popular over the past few years, but a talented tattoo artist from Kiev, Rita (aka Rit Kit), creates her tattoos by using a rather interesting technique. She...

TOP 10 Extremely Dangerous Piercings to Blow Your Mind

Whether you find weird piercings intriguing or repulsive, it’s hard not to check them out! Here’s a little collection of ten weird piercings that will blow your mind! Enjoy TOP 10 Extremely Dangerous Piercings...

Inspiring 3D Tattoos That Will Twist Your Mind

If you are looking for a more creative and artistic idea for your next tattoo then take a look at these. From 3D styled ribbons to clever robotic skeletal designs a lot of imagination has...

This Man Just Set What Might Be The Most Painful World Record Ever

When it comes to world records, most of us wouldn't dream of setting the record for most piercings. However, most of us aren't 30-year-old Vancouver resident Matthew Menczyk. This past weekend, Menczyk broke the world...

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