Thursday, October 22, 2020

What Happens When Bookstore Employees Get Bored (New Pics)

The employees of the Librairie Mollat started sharing images of real people, themselves and their customers, extending the pictures of the book covers. And here are new pics of what happens when bookstore employees...

The Most Creative Costume Ideas Ever For Halloween 2017

Halloween is coming! If you're like me, you're probably freaking out every year about what to wear. We have compiled a list of the most creative Halloween costumes to spark your imagination. Mary Poppins Has...

Amazing food art That will Impress You

DARYNA KOSSAR is a Visual Artist. She uses ordinary food to create an impressive art. She creates amazing food art. So, let's enjoy it!

The Most Amazing and Satisfying Video Ever

What do you know about relaxing video? This is The Most Oddly Satisfying Video in the World! You have to whatch this video! Is a collection of the most video in world that make...

The Funniest Snowmen That Japanese Made This Winter

What to do in the face of the heaviest snowfall? Make snowmen of course! But wait, before you grab a carrot, some pebbles and a couple of sticks for arms, remember, this is Japan....

A Reversible Stuffed Anglerfish Toy Helps Teach Anatomy

Crafted for the purposes of material collaboration and hands-on exploration, artist and designer Rachel Ciavarella created Morris—a stuffed anglerfish you can turn inside out. The invertible fish is made from a creative combination of...

Amazing Japanese Paper Toys With A Surprise

The Japanese are known for their incredible origami, but Haruki Nakamura creates paper art that most find even more entertaining. Born in 1967, the designer changed his life at 27, when he picked up...

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