Thursday, October 28, 2021

Dirty Cars ‘Vandalized’ By The Most Unexpected Way

In this article we invite you to take a look at some dirty cars 'vandalized' by artist Nikita Golubev. Enjoy this pics now and let us know in the comments what do you think...

Unusual Latte Art You Have Never Seen Before

Explore in this video with the most unusual latte art! And let me know what kind of coffee do you like, and why?:)

People Met Their Doppelgangers In Museums And Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

Do you find classic art a bit hard to relate to? So do us, but that could easily change upon a find like these guys stumbled upon when they uncovered their identical doppelgangers in...

What Happens When Bookstore Employees Get Bored (New Pics)

The employees of the Librairie Mollat started sharing images of real people, themselves and their customers, extending the pictures of the book covers. And here are new pics of what happens when bookstore employees...

How To Bring Everyday Objects To Life With The Smartphone

Yahav Draizin is constantly looking for inspiration. Using his phone, he matches images from popular culture and beyond to places, people, and objects to show them in a new light.

Funny And Clever Comics By Shanghai Tango (part #2)

In this article we look at some of the most amazingly clever comics by Shanghai Tango. It isn't difficult to see why we adore the art of Shanghai Tango. The artist draws brilliantly witty...

Artists Build Amazing Houses In Photoshop Using Everyday Objects

Art is actually a sensitive medium to all innovations and the digital era has raised many new challenges and also possibilities to bring it to the next level. The art of photo manipulation is a...

Artist Spent Years To Create The Illusion Of Microscopic Worlds

Artist spent years to create these series features miniature figures. He placed miniature figures next to everyday objects so as to create the illusion of microscopic worlds. Marshmallow Fields Harvest Lake Sink Pinnaple Mountain Sardine Holidays Unlimited Happiness Are We Sure...

The Funniest Snowmen That Japanese Made This Winter

What to do in the face of the heaviest snowfall? Make snowmen of course! But wait, before you grab a carrot, some pebbles and a couple of sticks for arms, remember, this is Japan....

The Most Creative Costume Ideas Ever For Halloween 2017

Halloween is coming! If you're like me, you're probably freaking out every year about what to wear. We have compiled a list of the most creative Halloween costumes to spark your imagination. Mary Poppins Has...

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