Have you ever seen an egg that turns into a marble, a leaf that falls into pixels or a dog that looks like a Van Gogh painting? We couldn’t believe our eyes after looking at these pictures. Have you ever seen anything as extraordinary in your life? Let us know about it in the comments!

Fire Whirl in British Columbia

Dancing water

This is a paintings of fried eggs

Seashell from hell

Forest in winter, unusual snowfall

This halo turns the whole picture into a photo of an alien arrival!

Lake Baikal in winter — isn’t it amazing

This scenery looks like it’s straight out of a computer game!

This spider web makes drops levitate

Gigantic alien-looking mushrooms

This cat looks unearthly!

Nature will always find a way

These two carrots grew entwine

What lies beneath! Wow!

This cloud looks like a hand caressing a house

I had no idea birds could look like that!

This lake high above the ocean

A ring of fire coming from a 44 magnum

An extraterrestrial beehive

This car wash has a bubble machine that looks like molten lava when in use