Here is a list of images that are skewed just wrong enough to make the perfectionist inside you cringe. From a rebel flower turned away from the crowd to tattoo fails we invite you to take a look at the most uncomfortable photos that you probably will want to stop watching.

‘Just Look At The Time at the screen!’

But Why???

Honestly, I Don’t Know What I Did To Deserve This

Spent Hours Completing This Mildly Infuriating Puzzle And Now I Can’t

That One Window

The 3-Year-Old Insisted On That Pink One

The Back Of This Girl’s Shirt

The Color Choice For The Emergency Door Buttons On A Bus

These Tables At My Teaching Workshop

This Bathroom

This building’s towers

This football pitch in China

This Guy’s Tattoo

This plate isn’t centered

This Stovetop

This sunflower doesn’t want to face East

This Tile In The Bathroom Floor

This Woman’s Headphones

United Terminal, O’Hare Airport, Chicago

What Lunatic Designed This Church

When The Robo Vacuum Ruins Its Perfect Track Lines Retuning To Base