Have you ever come across an upside-down cloud or even a rare yellow watermelon? In this collection, we have everything — from a ship trapped under ice to the world’s smallest peas and underwater waves. So, let’s enjoy the most unrepeatable photos captured at the perfect moment. Which of these pictures did you like the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

A tree seed that looks like a tiny pineapple

This mosquito was killed by a dart

The number of black spots corresponds to the birth order of these puppies

Water drops hugging strawberry plant leaves

The Pain au chocolat that looks like a sad hedgehog

A very small Praying Mantis on someone’s arm

A rainbow patch reflected in the sky

This is what Mammatus Clouds look like

A ship that sank and got trapped under the ice

The Sutro Tower in San Francisco that, due to the foggy weather, looks like a floating ship

These beautiful rice fields in Bali

When it starts to snow during May in China

The greatest coincidence of the mirror effect

A green frog relaxing and pressed up against the glass

A collection of spices in Marrakesh that look unrealistic