Disney inspires everything and anything so it’s no surprise that there are literally hundreds of thousands of Disney tattoos owned with pride around the world. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that no single film company, franchise, or organization has inspired as many tattoos as Disney. With the invention of the watercolor tattoo style, Disney tattoos have become particularly fascinating.

This amazing sketch style Alice

Eeyore and Tigger

Baloo carrying a palm tree

Peter Pan with ink

Drink me, please!

Pocahontas with brush stoke hair

These black and grey ink flyers

This playful Alice in Wonderland shoulder piece

This sketch style teal-infused Tinker Bell tattoo

This sketch style watercolor Beast and Bella

This Nightmare Before Christmas piece

This Bugs Bunny tattoo!

This terrific Tigger tat

Buzz and Woody

This stunning forearm piece