We all know that there are lots of beautiful photos that can be created with the help of Photoshop. But nature creates even more magnificent masterpieces in a split second – and without the use of filters and correction tools. Here we gathered gorgeous photos that can beat any photo editor. Enjoy!

A tree on a full moon

Such an amazing transition!

Crystal clear ice in Alaska

A wintry morning

A full-color photo of black sand in Iceland

A labyrinth of fallen leaves

Altai Krai (Altai region)

Too many geese!

A bearded streetlight

A rain cloud casting a shadow during sunset

Stunning snow-covered ground

The clearest water

Touching water

Ice balls on the Gulf of Finland’s shore



A tower in mist

Water has a question for you!

A plane with a solar eclipse in the background

This cat looks like it could stand up and walk at any second!