Trail cameras are used mainly by hunters, set up to record pictures automatically when it senses motion. They can also be used for wildlife photography, security or just simply observation of animal movements in their natural habitat. Fortunately for us, this technology has another cool, unexpected benefit: it allows us to see all the crazy and mischievous things our furry friends get up to when they think nobody is watching. Bored Panda has compiled a list of occasions when the camera caught the perfect shot, some hilarious, some slightly sinister and some just downright weird.

1… 2… 3… run!

Cool Pic From A Deer Cam

What Are You Looking At?

This Stylish Deer

Secret Kisses

Deer Runs From Flying Squirrel

Wild Cat Riding A Buffalo

This Trail Camera Got A Badass Shot

This Young Buck Is About To Be Very Startled By A Flying Squirrel

‘I Swear, It’s Like Someone Is Watching Me’

Raccoon Generously Making The Food Sprinkle Down For The Others

I’m Coming Alice!

A Deer Cam Captured This

Fight Club

Just A Raccoon Riding A Hog

This Fox Has 8 Kits And I Got This Trail Cam Pic Of Them Nursing In Front Of The Den Site

Deer Begins To Hate Owls In 3… 2…

Can You Give Me A Lift Mom?

Oh Deer

Rob Took A Selfie At A Crazy Party Last Night

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