These are the funniest examples of people having a bad day today.Do you think your day was worse? Tell us about it in the comments!

Well, Sh*t happens

The Effect Of Prolonged Sun Exposure

Oops… Wrong Gurney In The Room

Bought 8 Lbs Of Jellly Bellies. Then The Bag Broke

So This Happened!

Walked Around All Day With A Thong Hanging Out Of My Hood

They Started Their Day Off Poorly

Someone Really Had To Wipe

This Happened One Morning In Florence

Spray Tan Tears Won’t Go Away

So This Actually Just Happened At House

This Is The Worst Case Scenario

Well, Sh*t!!!

Happy Birthday, Muffin!

He Find Where The Dog Took A Sh*t

It Finally Happened!

This Guy Having A Bad Day At Glastonbury 2017

A Girl Accidentally Dropped Her Phone

A Porcupine Fell From A Tree And Fell On Her Head

Yep, That’s Snow

What Happens When You Go For The Rear Defrost But Hit The Sun Roof

How’s Your Day Going?