The street view on Google Maps is a great feature, especially for checking out places you’ve never been before. Sometimes though, Google inadvertently captures some candid, hilarious, and/or beautiful pictures of the spots they’re mapping.

Just imagine checking out a new place on street view and seeing one of these pictures.

A man takes a shot at the StreetView car in Columbia

A staged murder by car mechanics somewhere in Scotland

Alien UFO Sightings

Business and pleasure on streets

Easy riders

Epic timing, Google!

Glitches in the matrix

I don’t think you should go down this road

Just a tiger taking a walk in a parking lot, no big deal

Looks like a fun little car

Man with a gun

Model Photo-bombing Google Street View

Nope. Not a building explosion. Just bird poop on the camera

People in Halloween fancy dress

Someone giving birth!

There’s a shark on your roof