Sometimes you can meet any look-alikes that seem like glitches in the Matrix. This is a a situation when you look at someone and you feel like you’re looking in a mirror. It’s really funny or even creepy.

Spotted A Glitch In The Matrix Today. Meet Sedward Nowden.

That kid has super powers.Oops, no comments… Most of these are just pictures of twins? When all the planets are in line. Matrix Bug Or Something? O.o wow… This one is really trippy. Did I Capture A Glitch In The Matrix. These Two Guys Entered The Metro From Different Stations And Don’t Even Know Each Other. They Kind Of Fit Together. Lets hope they aren’t choosing the same movie rental. Each Booth Is An Alternate Reality That’s pretty freaky. Glitch In Matrix At My Local Coffee Shop. Something Is Wrong Here. There’s A Glitch In The Matrix! Same hairdresser? A Glitch In The Matrix. I thought it was a mirror at first sight… But then I saw the bag and the letters. Maybe they’re twins that still dress the same. They are both wearing flip flops. They are both probably texting a friend saying the guy next to me has the same outfit! Is that the same newspaper too. Double Glitch In The Matrix or twins convention. I Think There Is A Glitch In The Matrix