Celebrities might not be just like us, but with a little effort, we can recreate their every move. Australian comedian Celeste Barber has dedicated her own Instagram account to doing hilarious recreations of celebrity photos. Featured below are some of her best works.

Classic Kimbo. Handling Monday. When style and safety go hand in hand. Just a couple of cows. FOUND THE REMOTE! RICH GIRLS ON VACAY. Just getting a few last waves. When your brother in laws merch is so expensive you can only afford one piece. Big night. Small bikini. When you’re determined to be the last one at the party. Wednesday morning motivation. Get naked paint yourself silver and call it art. Space suits, ski jackets. When your BF suggests that maybe you don’t show as much ass crack in this photo shoot. I paid myself to get drunk. Truth bombs. S P O I L E R A L E R T ! Babe, do you know where my Harry Potter book is? When you think you’re too hot for clothes but other people don’t agree. Babe, what the hell are you looking at5 I’m behind you COMPLETELY NAKED! Holding it all together. Looking forward to parent teacher interviews. She is on the right. Something makes me think Kim’s milk was warmed. As soon as I find matching towels I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a call from my boyfriend.