Incredible Beds You Won’t Believe Exist


Every day we spend about 8 hours SLEEPING. In other words, we spend one third of our lives doing nothing. So, the next time you buy a new bed, keep in mind that you will spend a huge amount of your life just lying on this piece of furniture. Today we’ll show you cool and unusual bed designs.

Vertical Bed
This bed encases the sleeper in a marshmallow of comfortable cushion while supporting the body in an upright position.

Hamburger Bed
Kayla bought a round mattress from the 70′s and made everything else herself…(with the exception of pickle chip pillows which she received from a wonderful friend). The bed is 8′ in diameter and stands about 3′ tall. In Kayla’s opinion it was the most comfortable bed she had ever owned… ever!

Giant Birdnest
Giant Birdsnest bed was dedicated for breeding new ideas. It was designed as part of the Green Garden Exhibition, part of the openning event of O*GE Gallery in April 2008.

Letto Zip
Make your daily bed-making chore easier. With this bed you can zip up all the mess and nobody will ever notice

Yin-Yang Bed
Yin is female and yang is male. So, as you’ve guessed – Yin is missing in the picture.

Magnetic Floating Bed
Using the power of permanent opposing industrial-strength magnets to enable it to float, the full scale bed can hold 900 kilograms of weight, while a smaller one fifth scale platform can safely hold 80 kilogams.

Sonic Bed
The Sonic Bed is a purpose built portable venue which plays music that moves for the prone bodies of an audience, who can come lie in the bed alone or together.

Phat Knitt
PHAT KNITS is a series of giant threads used to create, knitted or not, interior products.

Fetal Position Bed
Even if you manage to fall asleep in this position, it doesn’t necessary mean you’ll wake up like that.

The Loft Bed
A time-tested spacesaver, the loft bed is perfect when square footage is limited.