Mind Bending Examples of Optical Illusion Photography


An optical or visual illusion is a kind of illusion in which the images perceived through the sense of sight tend to be misleading or deceptive, causing errors in perception. One of the coolest aspects of photography is that you can use your camera to distort reality. With the help of natural elements, unique composition, color, light and even photo editing software, you can create works of art that confuse the mind and trick the eye.

A cloud being used as topping for an ice cream cone A man’s silhouette appearing to hold the moon like a basketball A man with a horse’s head instead of his own An illusion of a crescent moon serving as a boat’s sail
An illusion of a man throwing an airplane
A terrier dog driving his car on a sunny day in the Jerusalem Forest A woman appearing to push large beach ball Children using beach sand to cover themselves to give the illusion of a headless person lying on the beach Cows with one head Golden Eiffel Tower fitting on the cityscape with the real one in the background Optical illusion, man being kicked in the air in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, South America Optical illusion. This building in Paris, close to the Church of the Sacred Earth, seems to be skew, while in fact it is the green lawn that goes up hill Shadow of a tennis player hitting a tennis ball Two cyclists on a flat boardwalk Two grazing donkeys seem to form one two-headed donkey