15 Stars Banned From Other Countries


Celebrities are often given the red carpet treatment and are welcomed with open arms practically anywhere they go. Every time they visit another country for a movie role, a concert or a vacation, they are met by eager foreign fans. However, some celebrities are not welcome in some countries. It could be due to a criminal background, illicit substance-related issues, moral issues, or even political issues.

Join us as we run down a list of celebrities who are banned from other countries and why.

1. 50 Cent
50 Cent cannot enter Canada due to his criminal background.
Hip-hop artist 50 Cent is one rapper who was actually as hard as he claimed to be. Born Curtis Jackson III, 50 Cent has been shot several times and has engaged in numerous crimes. This behavior is cool when recounting it for a sick track, but apparently, that sort of behavior doesn’t fly in Canada.
The rapper is banned from the country for his criminal background as well as for his alleged promotion of gun violence. The stereotype of Canadians is that they are a friendly and forgiving people, but that doesn’t appear to be true if you’ve got a criminal record on the books in addition to a record on the charts.

2. Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt can’t enter China due to his role in the movie Seven Years in Tibet.
You would think that Brad Pitt could go literally anywhere due to his superstar status, but he’s actually prohibited from entering China. The reason for this is his role in the movie Seven Years in Tibet. The movie is about the expansion of Chinese military in the region in the 1940s.
In the movie, the Hollywood star plays the guy who becomes good friends with the Dalai Lama, who if you didn’t know, is pro-Tibetan as he was its leader for a while. This ruffled China’s feathers (they are no fans of the idea of an independent Tibet), and they slapped Brad Pitt with a ban.

3. Russell Brand
Russell Brand can’t enter Japan or Canada due to his criminal record.
Another celebrity that is prohibited from entering Japan due to substance-related issues is Russell Brand, who has not only been very open and honest about his past but also has the official criminal record to back up many of his claims.
Unfortunately, due to his criminal record, the Japanese government decided to ban Brand from entering the country, preventing him from seeing a performance by his then-wife Katy Perry in the nation back in 2011. He also got banned from entering Canada for the same reason, disappointing around 5000 fans who were ready to see him perform.
Brand might be the most banned man on this list!

4. Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin is prohibited from entering the Philippines due to his mail-order joke.
Alec Baldwin is an American actor and comedian whose acting career spans over three decades. As a comedian, he’s supposed to crack jokes and make funny remarks. However, not everyone thinks his jokes are funny. In fact, many people think he’s rude and tactless.
In 2009, Baldwin cracked a human trafficking joke about the Philippines. He jokingly implied that he had ordered a mail-order bride from the country on David Letterman’s late-night talk show, resulting in him being deemed an undesirable visitor and banned from entering the country. I guess being tactless has some major disadvantages.

5. Björk
This Icelandic singer is banned from China because of her support for Tibet.
Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk is banned from China due to her vocal support for Tibet. While performing her song “Declare Independence” at a Shanghai concert in 2008, she yelled “Tibet, Tibet!” and “Raise your flag!” to the audience.
The Ministry of Culture in China criticized this behavior and later banned her from the country. They added that any music group or solo artist who has participated in activities that threaten their national sovereignty during performances would be banned.
The English rock band Oasis is also banned from China for the same reason.

6. Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton is banned from entering Japan over pleading guilty to possession charges in Vegas.
Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is widely known for her scandalous behavior. She has been involved in various controversies throughout her adult life. And of course, being involved in illicit substances is just one of them.
In 2010, she attempted to visit Japan but was denied entry. This is because she pleaded guilty to possession charges in Las Vegas just a few days earlier. Apparently, Japan doesn’t play with people who abuse substances.

7. Tyler, The Creator
Tyler, the Creator is banned from the UK due to the controversial lyrics of his songs.
American rapper Tyler, the Creator is currently banned from entering the United Kingdom because his lyrics ruffled the powdered wigs of their culture keepers. According to the Home Office in the UK, his lyrics encourage violence and discriminate against homosexuals, which means he is not welcome in the country.
Because of the ban, a number of concerts Tyler was supposed to play got canceled. He is supposed to be banned from entering the UK for three to five years. At least for him, it’s not a perpetual ban.

8. Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg is banned from Norway for having weed on him at the airport.
Many celebrities that are banned from other nations got their ban because of illicit substances. One of them is Snoop Dogg, whose love for the goofy grass is known by practically everyone. One time, he even had that sweet kush on him while he was in the airport.
Unfortunately for him, that airport was in Norway and Scandinavian countries are apparently extremely strict when it comes to our friend Mary Jane because they believe it turns people into lazy ner-do-wells. You can probably guess what happened next.

9. Madonna
Madonna is not welcome in Egypt because of having previously visited Israel.
In 2004, Egypt issued an order prohibiting the Queen of Pop from entering the country since she had previously visited Israel. At the time, Madonna had not even requested entry into the country or announced any plans of visiting, yet members of Egypt’s parliament demanded that she be barred from entering due to her devotion to Kabbalah.
Not content with just trolling Madonna from within the borders of their own country, Egypt even requested that no embassy grant her a visa to travel to Egypt.
“I’d like to say how happy I am to be back in Israel. I promise not to stay away for another ten years,” the Queen of Pop stated. Look like Egypt really showed her.

10. Beyonce
The Malaysian government has banned Beyonce because she is too hot for their fragile minds.
Beyonce hasn’t really done anything that’s worthy of a ban. However, Queen B is banned from ever performing or touring, or even entering Malaysia due to the nation’s strict Muslim leadership. Apparently, she’s too provocative for their country.
That’s not actually fair. Beyonce isn’t the only attractive music artist we have in the world. What about Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears and all the other beautiful musicians? Are they getting banned too or is Beyonce just being singled out because she’s amazing?

11. Jay-Z
Jay-Z isn’t welcome in China because of his lyrical content.
Beyonce’s other half, rapper Jay-Z, does not escape this list as he, too, is banned from entering a country.
Jay-Z is not allowed to enter China because his music apparently contains too many profane references. And we already know the kinds of words Jay-Z throws out in his songs. Basically, you can get banned from entering China just for having a vulgar mouth.
Again, that doesn’t sound very fair, but this is China we are talking about. They seem to like banning anyone who isn’t a conformist.

12. Akon
Akon is banned from Sri Lanka because he had babes partying in front of Buddha in a music video.
Senegalese-American R&B star Akon has tons of fans from all over the world thanks to his great music. He was planning a huge concert in Sri Lanka but was unfortunately banned from there due to a music video with David Guetta.
In the video, a pool party with women in bikinis takes place in front of a statue of Buddha.
This greatly offended Sri Lanka’s Buddhist leaders, resulting in him being banned from the country. Moral of the story: Buddhists seem all easy going and zen until you make them angry. Then watch out!

13. Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus isn’t welcome in China for doing an Asian stereotype pose in a photo.
Miley Cyrus is now a scandalous, provocative music artist after years of being a Disney child star. It’s not surprising that some of her recent behavior would cause more conservative countries to want to ban her. What IS surprising, however, is that it wasn’t her obscene behavior that got her banned from China. In fact, the ban took place even before she became the provocative artist she is now.
What happened was that Cyrus posted a group photo online with her pulling her eyes into slits in an offensive Asian stereotype, offending many Chinese people. Classic Miley Cyrus.

14. Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga can’t enter Indonesia for being “too risque”.
Since Lady Gaga came to global prominence in 2008, she has been the subject of numerous controversies. For one, her music videos are extremely provocative and shocking, not to mention she also wears very scandalous outfits a lot of the time. Because of all this, the Indonesian government has deemed her “too risque” for Indonesia.
In 2012, Lady Gaga was unfortunately denied entry to Indonesia, disappointing many fans.

15. Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart has been denied entry to the UK due to her conviction.
For many years, home and lifestyle celebrity Martha Steward was loved by countless fans worldwide, and she probably still is. This didn’t stop the United Kingdom from prohibiting her from entering the country, however.
Apparently, the television personality was convicted of obstruction of justice for a role in an insider-trading scheme, causing the UK to ban her from visiting them. It seems pretty minor, but I guess the UK saw that as a major threat.

Celebrities are usually seen as royalty, but some countries have proven that they’re not actually that powerful. Other countries’ governments have proven that celebrities don’t always get special treatment.
If celebrities do something these countries don’t like, they can easily be banned from entering the countries.