Part of being a celebrity is having to look “beautiful,” yet companies cover up their beauty by using Photoshop, photography tricks, and makeup artists. The end result is a body that seems to have no faults whatsoever. No cellulite; no bags under the eyes; no split ends; etc.

#1. These unretouched photos of flawless queen Beyonce from a L’Oreal campaign were leaked in 2013.

#2. Lindsay Lohan has been called out several times for Photoshopping her selfies on social media.

#3. Even Penelope Cruz relies on a little touch up every now and then.

#4. Plus-size model Candice may promote a fuller figure, but she’s had extensive retouching done in this photo.

#5. Angelina Jolie has been voted the most beautiful woman in the world, but even she isn’t really that flawless.

#6. Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie looks noticeably younger and smoother-skinned on the right.

#7. And is it any surprise that Kim Kardashian relies pretty heavily on Photoshop for her flawless appearance?

#8. The original photos from Madonna’s Hard Candy album campaign are seriously different to what was officially released.

#9. And the original image of Katy Perry from this Rolling Stone magazine shoot are pretty surprising.

#10. You could mistake these photos of Britney Spears for different people.

#11. In 2010, Britney Spears released these pre-Photoshop images “to highlight the pressure exerted on women to look perfect”.