After 20 years spent in heavy chains, a mountain lion named Mufasa was freed from the back of a truck to live in a nature reserve in Peru.

In 2011, Peru banned the use of wild animals in circuses, but many ignored the rule and, in 2011, one animal charity ADI found that Mufasa was still being kept illegally.

Mufasa was kept chained in a heavy harness on the back of a truck for over 20 years by Circo Koreander circus, where he was forced to perform.

However, when the ADI finally got to Mufasa, the lion was in no state to be moved anywhere. “Mufasa was torn from the wild and has endured the worst possible life,” explained Jan Creamer of the ADI.

But, after a tense standoff between police and members of the circus, Mufasa was gently freed and taken to a rehabilitation center.

When he’d been restored to full health, Mufasa was released into the Tambopata National Reserve in the Amazon rainforest in southeastern Peru.

Mufasa lived out the rest of his days in happiness, as, in 2015, he sadly passed away due to age-related issues.

We’re so glad he got to see the rainforest and spent his final years away from the cruelty of an illegal circus.

You can watch the full story below.