Jen Selter: Queen of Belfie


Forget Kim Kardashian and meet the new bootylicious queen Jen Selter! This 22 years old fitness expert from Manhattan has amassed a billion Instagram visits since March 2012. Every fitness fanatic eagerly awaits Jen’s daily ‘Belfie’ the new toned backside photo of this voluptuous diva. The new ‘it’ girl of the women’s fitness movement has raked in more than 5 million Instagram followers (even Rihanna is among them); and there’s nearly 65,000 FB followers all giving plenty of “thumbs up” on the page! Now that Jen Selter is a famous fitness celeb, she’s merged her fitness brand with such worldwide marque names as New Balance, Lululemon, Nike, NY 2о and Game Plan Nutrition. Due to her hu-u-uge social media fame the gorgeous spokesmodel has been featured in Elle, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair and the NY Times, as well as other fitness, fashion and and nutrition magazines.

This is how the legend started
Just a few people are aware that the roots of Jen’s desire for a perfect body go back to her childhood. In high school she was bullied by her classmates who called her ‘Pelican’. She decided she would do her best to make people talk about her body, as well as her face. At the age of 15 she had a rhinoplasty procedure done to enhance the appearance of her “Pelican-like”, flat nose. That surgery helped her to become more self confident. With sports as her main hobby and with her meteoric accent based on her stand out asset – ‘das bootie’, the rest is history. Even with the rhinoplasty she tried not to attract attention to her face. You can notice this detail when scrolling through her Instagram account, where it’s more about the body-beautiful and fitness and not the face.

Photo-shopped or Not?!
Jen’s body measurements are just incredible (height – 167 cm (5’5 feet); weight – 55kg (121.3 lbs); BMI – 19,7; body type – hourglass). She has an unbelievably toned buttocks coupled with a flat belly. Malicious gossip has it that her hypnotizing shape has nothing to do with the fitness or extensive workouts; that her great look was accomplished with implants. The squat princess parries that ‘It doesn’t offend me. It’s nothing but nonsense! My butt is real and it’s the result of my hard work – not surgery, not photoshop’. She admits some of her photos look a little bit provocative but all she wants is to inspire people to go exercise and to embrace a sport. ‘Yep, my photos are often overly focused on my backside. I just want people to realize that everyone can achieve the same results’.

She makes no bones of the matter she’s incredibly proud of her body and likes to admire it in front of the mirror or making the fabulous ‘Belfie-Selfie’ shots. She posts belfies, and came up with the hashtag ‘#seltering’ to show her own way of building the glutes. Now Jen is preparing to launch her own brand of fitness and yoga clothing. Her biggest dream is to open a chain of worldwide fitness clubs to help people stay in shape. Jen has 10 ‘Golden Rules’ of the poppin’ booty. Follow them if you you wanna have the same great looking backside.

  • Supplement your gym workouts with a plenty of walking;
  • Doing any kind of exercise don’t forget to squeeze the butt muscles and hold the move for a few seconds;
  • Your daily workout should consist of exercises designed to make your waist smaller. The smaller your waist is, the bigger your behind looks;
  • Motivate yourself with stylish fitness outfits. You should look hot during the workout;
  • Make more gym selfies and compare them weekly and monthly. It’s a brilliant motivational trick;
  • Work with the weights. You’ll feel a bigger burn and get more muscle;
  • Buy an exercise ball and do your regular exercises using it. ‘My favorite one is wall squats with a ball’;
    Do at least 3 or 4 sets of each exercise;
  • THE SUPER IMPORTANT tip is ‘When you bend at the knee and lower yourself down, your knees should never go past your shoes” during squats’;
  • Follow your meal-plan.

Selter’s Meal Plan
There’s nothing new or super special in her diet plan. The lean proteins, pure water instead of sugary drinks and consuming whole grains are among her meal habits. She doesn’t eat after 7 PM and always has a healthy snack like fruits or nuts on-hand. She never skips her after-workout meals and breakfast she considers them the most important meals of the day. But Jen doesn’t deprive herself. She allows herself one cheat day a week where anything goes.

Jen Selter’s post workout meals are always healthy and light. Look for her to be eating a tasty grilled chicken breast, an avocado, green leafy veggies like spinach, 3 or 4 carrots and a sliced tomato. This focuses on the ‘protein push’ after a workout is to help build and maintain lean muscle mass. Carb intake is left to the beginning of the day to build and store good energy for the workout later on. Another great taste treat is grilled tuna or if in a hurry canned tuna in brine (not oil). The tuna can be spiced up to your flavor needs with onion, peppers, spices, etc. Jen says good food doesn’t have to be boring – ever!

Like mother like daughter
47-year old Jill Selter has a body almost identical to her daughter’s and it’s no less perfect. Jen is her mother’s personal fitness expert/trainer and doesn’t let her cut corners in her training and diet program.
Jill admits she was ‘thin but with a lot of fatty tissue’ before her daughter began helping her to make a transformation of her body. ‘I’d never had a balanced meal. I ate chocolate and donuts sometimes even late at night. Jen’s dedication and fitness passion rubbed off on me’. Now these fit-mates cook nutritious meals, enjoy oatmeal with berries instead of donuts and don’t miss their workout routine. The oatmeal and other healthy grains like Buckwheat are the energy carbs they need for the perfect workout.

I’m still a young girl who lives her life’
Jen Selter took cosmetology classes while holding side jobs at a plastic surgeon’s office. She likes partying and shopping just like other girls. Jen, our perfect fitness model lives with her mom on the Upper West Side just off Central Park in New York. She doesn’t go public with her private life’s details and just answers: ‘I’m dating someone’.
So ladies and gents meet the Jillian Michaels of the new generation. Bet this diva will continue to surprise you more than once.