Here are Some vacation photos you don’t want to miss. These timed photos, is going crack you up while some will make you think twice. See the most Epic Vacation Photo Fails You Absolutely Can’t Miss. Some of them are misleading, others are completely real.

Someone likes getting dirty. 

Sometimes you just want a little attention.  Nothing wrong with it.

No one is watching. The only thing more interesting about this picture is that they actually posed for it.  Who was the desired audience?  Us I guess.

I don’t need to tell you. Who wore it better?  Sure looks like a tie to us.

What are they pointing at?

Stop making everyone else look fat. Don’t you hate it when a gorgeous woman decides to show off her beach bod?  We don’t either.  But I’m not sure the lady in the background was too pleased.                  

The starfish bra is always a classic. Lucky starfish…

I’d say someone stole the show. It’s like her friends are invisible.  But I bet they like all the likes they get on Instagram when they post a picture with their friend.

Do you think she’s still voting for trump? I guess these ladies hadn’t heard about his grabbing comments yet.             

She must be twice as embarrassed. “I knew I shouldn’t have worn this dress in the water.

The view is gorgeous. The beach, the ocean, the sunny day.  Doesn’t get better.

This is the president of croatia. Seriously. Her name is Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović and she became the President of Croatia in 2015.  Yes, we’re not joking.

Thank the skies. Ah, is it Spring break yet?  As much as we love the cold weather, we’d give anything for a seat on that boat right about now.

Especially when they bring this friend along for the pictures.

That’s one way to get the sand out of your waistline.  What a nice sister.

Let’s hope he’s her boyfriend. They say you should be on the lookout for jellyfish at this beach.  I don’t think she was warned about swimming toms trying to get a closeup.

Father of the year. Yeah there aren’t really even words to describe this hero. What a great dad for taking his daughter solo. Let’s just hope that’s not her mom on the stage.

Interesting way to snorkel. At some beaches if you bring bread you don’t even need to get wet to see fish.  We’re presuming that this is one of them.  Or she was just really looking for a way to catch the attention of everyone on the beach.

Namas day to you too. Yoga is one of the hardest workouts you can do.  She looks like a pro.

Still there.  Phew! We’re so relieved for her.

Some serious double tasking. It takes some serious coordination to surf and keep your swimsuit from falling.  Can anyone tell me what that wetsuit is used for?

Take your pick good sir. You know when you put on your favorite swimsuit, your most badass shades, and are ready to crush an afternoon at the pool.  This guy is our idol.

That’s the perfect angle for a picture. I’m not sure this lady approved of her friend grabbing this photo, but she had to show her surgeon a picture of what she wanted them to look like.