The wedding day is certainly one of  the most important and the most special days that one couple can have. That is why weddings are planned for months ahead, of course, girls plan their wedding their whole life, so you get the picture here – it is an extremely important day in everyone’s life. But, not every single thing about the wedding needs to be perfectly planned and organized, and when those spontaneous things are happening, the skilled photographers make some unforgettable wedding photos. We have prepared for you a hilarious collection of funny and unplanned wedding photographs that will definitely make your day. From the ones where adorable animals are photobombing the happy couple to the truly remarkable ones where everyone are just being silly. The skilled eye of a photographer doesn’t miss anything, so we selected the best of the best for you to enjoy.

An awesome crew.He knows where to place hands. Well, that’s awkward. Everyone needs a friend like this. Exceptional moustaches. “Hey, give that to me, I wanna get married!” He doesn’t mind that the game is over. He won the game. “Hey you, human, give them some privacy!” Photobombing expert! Photobombing expert #3. That looks tasty. Well…there’s no explanation here… “Don’t worry honey, that’s for good luck!” This is a photobombing master! That horse is jealous.