Our life is tightly bound up with Mother Nature, and humans live alongside with flora and fauna and they often give us some nasty surprises. Sometimes even the cutest creatures can do irreparable harm to a person. What’s really in their minds and who you should be afraid of?

1. Shaved BearIn Germany a disease got into some South American bears. They lost their luxurious fur, which would make you think they’d be as funny as a hairless dog. That’s not the case this time, as apparently bears are somehow more terrifying when bald.

2. LampreyFisheries in lakes hate these eel-like creatures, and with good reason. They latch onto fish like trout with their rows of tiny, razor-sharp teeth and suck them dry or tear at them until they’re just bones. Millions are spent a year to eradicate them, and it can be tough to catch them altogether.

3. Puffer Fish

Pufferfish, underwater view

This one is a classic on the weird animals list. There’s no way you can’t bring up a fish that blows up into a prickly ball of potential death. The fact people eat it as fugu, and that you have to learn how to prepare it right or you can kill a person, is even weirder.

4. Flying Vampire FrogThis one is odd, not so much in the mature version of the frog, but when it’s a tadpole. When it’s time to get out of the eggs and into the pond, they need to eat something. So here begins one of the grossest mother-child feedings ever concocted: Mommy Dearest lays unfertiilzed eggs and the tadpoles’ fangs — that’s right, fangs — cut through and eats them.

5. Goblin SharkFrom the “oh god, keep this in the deep” files, the goblin shark is found very far into the ocean depths. Which is great, because not only does it look like  a monster-movie extra, it also has a lovely spring-loaded mouth to eat its prey.

6. Cone SnailThis little escargot is slow but somehow eats fish. That’s because its harpoon-like tooth pumps out a venom made from a combination of hundreds of different toxins. Once a fish is stabbed, it’s paralyzed and then nibbled on by the snail, which is a fun way to die. That little tooth is also sharp enough to cut through wetsuits.

7. Assassin Caterpillar Some caterpillars blossom into lovely butterflies. You touch this oddly-spiked one and you’re blossoming into excessive blood clotting and internal bleeding. Brushing against one isn’t a death sentence, but a lot of times they hang out in bunches, so watch out.

8. Pyura Chilensis Off the coasts of Chile and Peru are the weirdest fake rocks you’ll ever see. Basically, if you crack it open you’ll think you’re looking at the insides of a rock monster. What you’re looking at is Pyura chilensis, a marine invertebrate that wraps itself in hard surfaces until it makes this gravelly appearance.

9. Hooded Pitohui The feather colors makes it look like an overblown robin, but that’s what’s sinister about the pitohui. Those bright feather are covered with incredibly strong toxins. They can bring on paralysis, cardiac arrest and death.

10. Blue-ringed OctopusThe fluorescent blue rings are beautiful, that’s undeniable. Thing is, they appear when the octopus feels threatened. And when they bite, well, that’s game over. The tetrodotoxin it injects you with hits you with paralysis, weakened muscles and lack of breathing before you die in minutes. Oh, and there’s no anti-venom.





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