You are searching for New Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree? Stat here and find inspiration for decorating the centerpiece of your holiday home.

Camp-Style Christmas

The Christmas tree in this camp-style California cabin is peppered with pennants from National Parks and roadside attractions











Rethink the Tree Skirt

Featuring jolly red lettering, this former potato chip pail is the perfect vessel for a mini tree











Tiny Tree

Use a vintage tin as a container for a tiny Christmas tree to place on a cabinet





Woodsy Scene

Wintry woodland frills evoke the snow-laden trek to grandmother’s house, while flickering clip-on, battery-operated candles are reminiscent of the tapers in her windows. Antique snow shoes and skis reinforce the frosty feel








Retro Tree

Perfect for a kids’ room, this retro tree is as jolly as Kris Kringle himself, thanks to a vintage tree stand and old-school ornaments




Jewel Tones

Overflowing with good tidings, this “friends and family” tree features an assortment of holiday greeting cards and a spirited mix of jewel-toned ornaments from the ’50s and ’60s.





Jingle Bells

Adorned with jingle bells, red jute webbing runs down the length of the tree. Burlap poinsettias add a decorative touch, and a seven-point star hand-crafted from vintage sheet music hits an especially high note




Frosted Sugar Pine Tree

Icy blue Christmas decor with touches of silver, gray, and gold make this Christmas tree a dazzling one





Floral Tree

This is a beautiful way to add a little elegance to your Christmas tree. Use silk flowers of various sizes and colors for a vibrant, decorative design





Let It Snow

Fuzzy felt mittens lend a hand to the cold-weather theme, as do snowmen, snowflakes, and ice skates, all in a crisp blue-and-white palette




Glowing Tree

This Christmas tree shines in shades of gold, white, and blue. If you don’t have a mantel, simply hang stockings from thick twine




Rainbow Christmas Tree

Creating this ombre tree is easier than it looks! Simply arrange your existing ornaments by color to create this rainbow effect





Farmhouse Tree

Sleeping bags for “campouts” turn this Christmas tree into a hot spot for an at-home





Merry and White

Paper mâché ornaments in red and blue feature a fresh twist on traditional red and green





Rustic Theme

Placed in front of her aunt’s vintage enamel wood stove, blogger Virginia Fynes’s rustic tree is decorated with birch sticks, glittered acorns and wreaths, hoop art, and feathers





Scandinavian Style

This Scandinavian Christmas tree is filled with dala horses, rustic ornaments, and beautiful red details





A New Use for an Old Thing

A tractor grill takes the place of a tree skirt in





Outdoor Decor

A stone fireplace keeps an elegant Christmas tree toasty on the covered patio of this Arizona home, furnished like a full-fledged living room




The New Tree Skirt

So long, standard base-hiding apron: This kicky wicker mini provides contemporary cover with natural style





DIY Tag Ornaments

Make eye-catching ornaments by creating custom tags with written messages or photos





Pinecone Tree

Create a pinecone tree on a cone-shaped foam base






We wish you a merry Christmas, And a Happy New Year!