Sometimes people are capable of doing such stupid things that they eventually end up in serious accidents. These pics show the moment seconds before people doing stupid things suffer horrible accidents and sometimes death.

Defying gravity…for how long?

This man appears to be cleaning or fixing the window above his apartment, but unfortunately he’s also standing on one. How long until that glass breaks??defying-gravityfor-how-long

Definitely not a good idea…

First off, you’re in a tiger cage. Secondly, you’re about to bite the tiger’s tail. That’s two really not good ideas in a row.definitely-not-a-good-idea


He likes training alligators until…

Somehow this does not look like a trained professional feeding an alligator. Instead it looks like a dumb-ass who’s about to get his arm chomped off.he-likes-training-alligators-until

How long was he up there for?

Every so often an air-conditioner needs to be serviced. But next time get a ladder!how-long-was-he-up-there-for

I don’t want to see what it happens after this shot!

Chainsaw placed between the legs, yanking up on the start cord. Really, what could go wrong? I hope whoever took this picture has 911 on speed dial._780x847-vyotcneyyi

What happens if..

So, let’s see if this thing is loaded. Can I see a bullet in there? Yup, sure can. And what does this trigger thingy do?what-happens-if


Sawing off a branch while sitting on the branch. Not recommended.genius-sawing-off-a-branch-while-sitting-on-the-branch-not-recommended

Team work

Thanks for holding the ladder, buddy. I’m pretty this is a good spot for the ladder. Just put one hand on it while I climb

Looking for something?

The only good reason to be sticking your head in an alligator’s mouth would be if you lost your iPhone in there.  And it would really have to be a 6S, don’t you think?looking-for-something


That’s the last time these hitchhikers are going to be getting a free ride.thats-the-last-time-these-hitchhikers-are-going-to-be-getting-a-free-ride

Don’t play with fire kids

What is it about rednecks and fire? They just can’t get enough on it.dont-play-with-fire-kids

“Turbo” love

It’s really sweet and romantic until you head a bump and she cracks her head open. That kind of ruins the mood.turbo-love

I ain’t afraid, I’m bullman

Just because you’re dressed in a Batman outfit does not actually mean you are Batman. It just means you’re a dumb-ass who’s about to get gored by a pissed off bull.i-aint-afraid-im-bullman

Trust too much?

I’ll hang on as long as I don’t have to scratch that itch. Oh wait a minute, that thing itches like crazy right

The piece of wood will do

Who needs a scaffold? Just place a board through two open windows and then go on it five stories in the air. Really, what could go wrong?the-piece-of-wood-will-do

Shark attack!!


Safety in the workplace is very important

Let me just put this sign up to remind everyone just how important safety

Hey mom, keep holding..

Sometimes you need to do a little work around the house and it’s always nice when mom lends a hand.hey-mom-keep-holding

Got lift?

So we’ve got a ladder coming out of a dump truck leaning against a pole 30 feet in the air.  I don’t see any potential problems here, do you?got-lift

I’m almost there….

Another individual not clear on the proper usage of a ladder. I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to go on top of cinder blocks, on top of a table, five feet off the

Hold it tight..

Sometimes you just have to create your own parking space. Because, you know, parking out in the countryside is so tough to come by and all.hold-it-tight


Hey honey, aren’t these bees on my face the cutest thing ever. They don’t sting, do they? Do they??hey-honey-arent-these-bees-on-my-face-the-cutest-thing-ever

Nope, it won’t work.

Evel Knievel’s got nothing on you bud. Kids – go Google Evel Knievel Snake River Canyon and you’ll get my reference. I’ll wait here while you do.nope-it-wont-work

Keep it up mah.

Just got 10 more miles to go mom. Just hang in there. You’re not getting tired, are you? I’m not sure if this photo is stupid or just plain mean.keep-it-up-mah

Dumb is just dumb

All those big signs that say no smoking near the gas pump don’t apply to you, honey. You just keep on smoking – I’m sure nothing bad will happen.dumb-is-just-dumb

We got this

That’s a whole lot of people on one tiny scooter. Good things they’re all wearing helmets. Oh, wait. Nevermind.we-got-this

No one will recognize us bruh

The sneakiest, stealthiest robbers ever. Those disguises are just amazing. Let’s go rob some banks and no one will ever know it’s

I’m going to take a nap here.

Sometimes when you’re tired you just have to put your head down anywhere. On top of some fencing on a moving truck? Sure, why not!im-going-to-take-a-nap-here

No, you don’t

I’m pretty sure this wire is strong enough to hold me up.  Let’s just test it and see.  A little further, a little further…no-you-dont

Eh what is in there?

I guess there’s just no other way to check whether you have ammunition loaded up in your tank. Just no other way at