Well, if to be honest we have a lot of fears, but our fear of doctors is the biggest one…
Actually a lot of people have a fear of doctors for some reasons. Some of them even experience a rise in blood pressure during a visit, because they are afraid to hear some bad news or just needles.
If this all about you, this article may help you or you’ll never visit doctor again. Just kidding, going to the doctor may not be on the top of your list, but it always should be.
If you would live between 1800 and 1900, you would be lucky to survive after visiting a doctor. Back then, human body was a real mystery for everyone and these photos are a real proof of these words.

Are you embarrassed by dental braces? Well, this is Dr.Clark’s Spinal Apparatus advertisement, 197801 Looks like scene from “50 Shades Of Grey”, but believe us, they tried to treat scoliosis.
02 That’s how doctors used to treat the mentally ill.
03 Do you need doctors prescription for a radioactive water?
04 This lady posed for a photograph, displaying her artificial leg, but was too embarrassed to show her face.05 Before using anesthetics all you got for surgery from doctors, if got something at all, was a little ether.
06 Doctors had to use anatomical models of women to understand where they were hurting.
07 Back then it was an invalid cart.08 Physical therapy looked totally different than now.09 These cute babies were treated for winter rickets at an orphanage in 1925
10“Birthing Chair” looked quite terrible that days.11

We think after seeing these photos you won’t avoid of visiting your doctor. At least he isn’t prescribing radioactive water for you, we hope so.