Fame is a fickle thing. There are countless men and women in the world trying to become the next big star and so precious few ever actually make it. The ones that do become ‘big’ have to walk a precarious line as they become public figures. Here are 10 stars who lost their figures and got fat after becoming famous.

Val Kilmer – 1986 vs. 20121-val-kilmer Britney Spears – 2001 vs. 20092-britney-spears Kirstie Alley – 1989 vs. 20094-kirstie-alley Jessica Simpson – 2005 vs. 20115-jessica-simpson Janet Jackson – 2001 vs. 20066-janet-jackson Kelly Clarkson – 2002 vs. 20117-kelly-clarkson Steven Seagal – 1990 vs. 20138-steven-seagal Marlon Brando – 1951 vs. 20039-marlon-brando John Travolta – 1983 vs. 201210-john-travolta Alec Baldwin – 1994 vs. 20128alec-baldwin11