Selfies are the name of the game now. It is a part of web culture and many of us are guilty of it in one way or the other. Some people lose their dignity while others put their lives at stake to achieve the perfect selfies. Many click selfies to obtain likes and followers- none of which provides them with any monetary compensation. We’ve compiled 10 selfies that went horribly wrong. It is embarrassing to say the least! Have a look and be ready to experience many cringe-worthy moments.

What are you clicking there?what-are-you-clicking-there

The camel wants no part in the selfiethe-camel-wants-no-part-in-the-selfie An idiot in the railsan-idiot-in-the-rails Another idiotanother-idiot Look at this dude flashing a smilelook-at-this-dude-flashing-a-smile Restrooms are not for selfiesrestrooms-are-not-for-selfies Mystery of the two-sided glassmystery-of-the-two-sided-glass Hope it’s for her boyfriend at leasthope-its-for-her-boyfriend-at-least Possibly the greatest selfie ever

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