Whoever said Diamonds are a girls best friends, obviously had never seen any of these stunning natural wonders!
When we think of precious minerals and all those sparkly treasures that our wonderful Earth produces, then diamonds, rubies and emeralds may be something that springs to mind. There are so many beautiful naturally made minerals that we may be overlooking.
How about a Tourmaline encrusted engagement ring? Or a Bismuth bracelet? Hopefully this little gallery of some lesser known absolutely gorgeous stones and minerals will make you think who needs diamonds after all?

Sunset Fire Opal


Cobalto Calcite cobalto-calcite

Watermelon Tourmaline watermelon-tourmaline

Lightning Ridge Black Opal lightning-ridge-black-opal

The Empress Of Uruguay the-empress-of-uruguay

Ocean Inside Of An Opal ocean-inside-of-an-opal


Luz Opal luz-opal

Opal Fossil opal-fossil

Bismuth  bismuth-2

Carnelian carnelian

Titanium Quartz titanium-quartz

Rhodochrosite rhodochrosite


Flourite flourite

Azurite azurite

Chrysocolla In Malachite chrysocolla-in-malachite

Crocoite crocoite

Scolecite scolecite

Realgar On Calcite realgar-on-calcite

Rose Quartz Geode rose-quartz-geode

Burmese Tourmaline burmese-tourmaline