It is not uncommon for people with freckles in their young age to hate their unique looks because they tend to feel different from others. But most of them grow up loving them realizing how special it makes them and how strikingly beautiful they actually are. Freckles are inherited and mostly common among descents of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Swedish, Norwegian and rarely African people. Those people carry the MC1R recessive variant gene that gives them red hair and non-tanning skin. Freckles are triggered when skin gets exposed to the sunlight, which activates melanocytes in your skin to make more melanin (a pigment that determines our skin, hair and eye color) creating new freckles and making old ones darker. This is the reason why freckles look darker in the summer and lighter in the winter. It is no wonder why freckled people strike many with awe and why plenty of photographers admire them and wish to work with them on their stunning portraits.

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