Peter Majarich is an extremely talented graphic designer who decided to dedicate a whole year of his life in order to create amazing minimalist movie posters. He created new posters for legendary movies like “1984”, “Titanic”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “Superman” and many others. Peter called his project “A Movie Poster A Day” because he wanted to see if he can live up to that challenge.Not only that he managed to that, Peter actually created stunning minimalist movie posters that could easily be used as original posters.  Peter managed to combine his interest in pop culture and his artistic tendency towards minimalism in the best way possible. If you like his work, make sure to visit his Instagrampage from more movie posters.

minimalist-movie-poster001 minimalist-movie-poster002 minimalist-movie-poster003 minimalist-movie-poster004 minimalist-movie-poster005 minimalist-movie-poster006 minimalist-movie-poster007 minimalist-movie-poster008 minimalist-movie-poster009 minimalist-movie-poster010 minimalist-movie-poster011 minimalist-movie-poster012 minimalist-movie-poster013 minimalist-movie-poster014 minimalist-movie-poster015 minimalist-movie-poster016 minimalist-movie-poster017 minimalist-movie-poster018 minimalist-movie-poster019